About Find Me




FIND ME is a first of its kind disaster safety application for iPhone and Android devices.

The difference between this application and other preparedness applications is that this application is a Personal Emergency Alert app for users to send to THEIR family and friends to be able to know if you are safe, or where to locate them FOLLOWING an incident.

Cousins, Tammy Fuller and Kim Fuller, had been discussing the creation of a disaster app for years. But not until the May 20 and then May 30, 2013 Oklahoma tornadoes did they see a true need for a POST tornado notification safety tool.


Following the Oklahoma tornadoes in May 2013, it was reported that many individuals said they either did not take shelter because they were afraid that nobody would find them. Parents didn’t know exactly where their children at school or other family members actually went to take cover.

This is where Find Me- Tornado Safety App came to life.  An application was developed by utilizing the push of one button, where individuals could notify family members and be visible on emergency officials mapping software of the their location, when and where they took cover! Immediately it was evident that this tool could save lives, and provide peace of mind for family members.


  • Download and register the Find Me – Tornado Safety App prior to Tornado Season (typically March-June)
  • Input personal information and home/office safe place (this can be changed during activation of the app)
  • Input the names of at least one individual outside the area code in which subscriber is currently located. The app allows as many contacts as wanted as long as one person is outside the affected area. (Recommended by the American Red Cross Disaster Communication Plan). Contacts can be a neighbor, workplace, family or individual that would be concerned for the safety of subscriber and could come to find them or send emergency officials to the last known location of the subscriber after an incident.
  • Upon an imminent tornado, activate the Find Me Alert. The alert will send a message immediately that the subscriber has taken cover and via email, text and phone call, as well as Facebook and Twitter, gives the recipients the location of the safe place where the subscriber has taken cover (safe room; closet; bathroom). The app asks the subscriber to VERIFY the location in which the GPS says they are located and the app secures your last known GPS location (in case street signs and houses are destroyed and you cannot identify the area by normal means).
  • Because a tornado warning can often be less than 15 minutes, the app is designed to alert the subscriber 15 minutes after activating the App, to ask if the subscriber is still need of assistance. If the subscriber does not respond by deactivating the app the contacts will receive the updated alert that assistance is needed. If you are incapacitated or need help, the Alert will have already registered in the server outside of the affected area and will send out your alerts.
  • It is important that during your movement to a safe location that you also put your cell phone in a very secure location on your body so that it doesn’t fly away in the wind. DO NOT HOLD IT IN YOUR HAND DURING THE ACTUAL EVENT, because the chances that the phone will be separated from your body, is high.


Instructions to monitor users on a web based mapping software


This is the current situational analysis of Boulder Floods, but it can accommodate any active disaster, storm watch, warning, power outage, unlimited possible criteria. People using Find Me-Tornado app during an incident can be seen on this web based mapping software.

1. select ‘Add’
2. ‘Add Layer from Web’
3. From Dropdown select ‘A GeoRSS File’
4. enter: http://rss.findmetornado.com/

Currently the RSS feed icon shows