Family Communication Plan

Recommendations when setting up your contact list and what your contacts should do following a tornado to assist you.

Find Me Tornado recommends that you make the most broad contact list. This way, your status will be distributing to the widest audience as possible. The next release of ‘Find Me – Tornado Safety App’ coming out soon, will include an option to broadcast your alerts via your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

  1. First select an out of state/region individual as the key person for your contact list. In an emergency it might be easier for each of your family members to call someone outside of area, than call someone down the street. Pick the same out of state contact for all family members.
  2. Have a contact list and family discussion to determine who that out of state contact is going to be and where you will meet if you are
    • 1) close to your home,
    • 2) close to your office,
    • 3) or at a public place.
  3. Your additional contact list should include people who are close enough to come check on you (neighbors, head of homeowners association, people who are going to be the people that call and see if you are okay in an emergency situation). See link below for possible contacts.
  4. Conduct a test of your Find Me App; talking to each of your contacts and tell them that you have put them on your list and also make sure that each of them have the contact numbers of one another so that the out of state person can check with the in state contacts to go check on you. Also make sure that you activate your app before going into shelter. Often times signal cannot get out of the shelter.
  5. Final resort is to call the local police non-emergency number to have them check on you, but in an actual tornado, having a friend, or other person be that first line of assistance would be more prudent.

Here is a family communications plan that you can complete and fax to your contact list so that they have names of individuals who might be able to help you.